About EBSCO Income Properties, LLC

EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EBSCO Industries, Inc., one of the largest privately held and family-owned companies in the United States. EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, a multifamily investment company, is broadening EBSCO’s real estate presence by building a portfolio of multifamily assets. Since 2007, EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, has created a multifamily portfolio. EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, is also currently involved in construction projects to increase its portfolio size.


Our Acquisition Strategy

As a community-focused, growth- and value-oriented owner, investor, and asset manager/operator of market rate conventional multifamily housing, we acquire properties that present superior risk-adjusted returns for EBSCO.

Target properties are geographically diversified in economically viable and growing Metropolitan Statistical Areas through the Southeastern United States and Texas with convenient proximity to lifestyle and employment drivers.

We seek to acquire Class A or B assets with a minimum of 200 units built within the last 10 years which meet our long-term hold strategy. Most acquisitions are financed with fixed-rate non-recourse long-term debt (10 years or longer) with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.


About EBSCO Industries, Inc.

EBSCO Industries, Inc. was founded as a subscription agent business in 1944 by Elton B. Stephens and has grown and evolved over time into a holding company with a portfolio that includes dozens of entities in over 20 separate industries/markets. Since 2017, EBSCO Industries, Inc. has been led by David Walker, a 19-year EBSCO veteran and the company’s former CFO & COO. Forbes magazine consistently ranks EBSCO Industries, Inc. as one of the top 200 largest privately held companies in the United States.