EBSCO Industries, Inc.

EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EBSCO Industries, Inc. (www.ebscoind.com), was formed in 2007 for the express purpose of building and maintaining an investment portfolio of multifamily assets. EBSCO Income Properties, Inc., shares its parent company with over 40 other affiliates that concentrate in the markets of online library subscriptions, outdoor product manufacturing, steel and metal product manufacturing, real estate development, business furniture production, literature display production, business product manufacturing, insurance services, printing, etc.

EIP EBSCO Industries Logo
EBSCO Industries, Inc. operates on its core values:

  • Realize that Business Is a Long-Run Game
  • Invest in People and Cultivate Passion
  • Operate with a Defined Vision and a Bias for Action
  • Commit to Sustained Sales and Profit Growth
  • Be Customer-Focused and Sales-Driven
  • Insist on Quality from the Start
  • Measure and Manage What Matters
  • Foster Continuous Improvement
  • Do What You Say You Will Do
  • Lead With Humility

EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, adopts these core values and seeks to implement their importance in every aspect of each investment.

Company Profile of EBSCO Industries, Inc.:

Our Beginning – EBSCO was founded in 1944.
Our Name – EBSCO stands for Elton B. Stephens Company.
Our Business – EBSCO has diversified into more than 40 businesses, including:

  • subscription provider for more than 300,000 title listings from more than 78,000 publishers worldwide
  • publishing of journal article databases
  • fishing lures – the world’s largest manufacturer
  • steel joist and metal roof deck manufacturing
  • real estate development

EBSCO: 5,600 employees, 800 outside the U.S.
EIS: Research databases, e-books and e-journals for more than 360,000 title listings from more than 94,000 publishers worldwide.
Our Dun & Bradstreet Financial Rating – 5A1, the highest awarded.
Our Ranking – EBSCO is ranked in the top 200 of the nation’s largest privately held corporations, based on revenues and number of employees, according to Forbes magazine.

EBSCO has diversified into more than 40 businesses. Visit EBSCOind.com for details on EBSCO’s divisions and subsidiaries.